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English Day, Medieval times

By: Tomás Moya – face student and Yohanna Aldana- English teacher.

Foto: Ángel Sanz Andrés, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
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At face, we celebrate and promote English as a second language, since 2023 we have implemented the English day as part of a learning process, this day promotes one of face´s most important principles, team work, in preparation for this day, our students have gathered to collaborate with each other in order to acquire knowledge about the Medieval Times and in the process, developing their English skillset and the practical application of communicative and manual abilities.

How are we doing it?

Each group has created their own flag, shield and motto, this also works as a way to learn about medieval history, learning their traditions, etiquette and customs, this happened as a result of the extensive research that every group had made.

They then proceeded to work in making their own shields and flags in recyclable materials, such as cardboard. Each group decided to take different roles in a fictional story that they made up, deciding who would research and bring different ingredients to our life banquet celebration inspired by that time. In addition, we are going to share games, plays, songs and our wonderful feast.

On this day we recognize the importance of the Medieval Times in the help of human civilization, as an apple that needs to pass the harsh winter in order to get the sweetness that we enjoy in summer. Humanity needed to pass those hard times in order to explode in creativity, technical and cultural advance taking advantage of all the benefits.

These are tough times but we learned that adversity makes us work and thrive together. With this activity we want to reinforce teamwork, giving the students the belonging and capacity required in today’s society. 

The English day has helped the students to discover more about that era, giving space to use it as a base to expand and create our version of these historic exciting events, nevertheless, spice it up with our creative style.

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