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Inspiration at face

«Students motivacion» Written by: Johanna Aldana, English teacher

Students’ motivation may be led by a score or by the goals of anybody else. But the true motivation is what moves our heart, something that moves the strings of our soul, this motivation can’t be measured by numbers but by gladness and fulfill of our soul purpose, as the students at Face who are absolutely different, they are inspired by the butterflies in their bellies; inspired by their thoughts and desires; inspired by their eagerness and curiosity; passionate by this groovy sensation of love. This is the seed that we plant and care in our school, here are the fruits:

María Fernanda Peña, Macuira

The following poems written by María Fernanda Peña:

*Love brings us problems, but if those problems bring you the love of your life, it is better to take the risk.

*Maybe I need you more than her, but you need her more than me.

*Perhaps you fall in love thousands of times, but you never will forget the person who scrambled your world and changed it to the way you needed.

*I know you are the chosen one but I am so insecure that I can’t accept I really love you, not only physically but also beyond your beautiful eyes. 

*I see the way you look at her and I would love you to look at me like that, but it makes sense, she is first in your life, she is everything for you and you are everything for me.

The true leaders show us how to do it, leading by example as we see in their presentations:

Presentation by David Barreto, Sumapaz

Presentation by Pablo Alvarado, Macuira